Valentine’s day drama

Valentine’s day is here again and with it comes the female competition at the office. Valentines day for these young ladies isn’t just a day to celebrate love, but a day to rub our partner’s prowess on all things valentines in the faces of our counterparts.

It’s a competition where all the clawscome out in the most subtle way. Don’t for one second mistake their bluntness for weakness, those things dig right into your soul
Catherine in her usual extravagance didn’t leave anything to chance. She went all out on the red bottoms clanking through the office at all odd hours of the day. Her face is so beat I don’t think you’d recognize the pimply human behind the mask if she was to unmask herself. Nails on fleek, hair did. She revels at the attention and envy oozing from the rest of us commoners who wouldn’t know what to do with a pair of heelz if they were thrown at us. Probably run away, I thought to myself. The thought putting a half smile on my face. Me? Running? The sheer humor.

Catherine is among a group of five women in the office who show tf out every 14th Feb. Rumor has it that most of the rich boyfriends they have are either people’s daddies or non-existent. The jury is still out on the matter. Whether the roses and chocolates that get sent directly to the office stak in the middle of working hours are really sent by the men or self sent for another dose of attention from the girls wishing it was them instead, we shall never truly know shall we?

All we really know is her knees are usually ashy when she comes from the gents, I mean ladies after the boss. No judgment here Catherine. You do what gets you food on the table. At least we know you pray on your knees.

Valentines is no different this year, it’s the same old over exaggerated day for love. The streets are as usual filled with the red from the fake flowers, teddy bears and most of all women! Love is a beautiful thing, hence it should be celebrated everyday. But the thought of having to endure that much red coloration on a daily alone is making me sick. Let’s maybe tone down the crimson and give space for other colors to bloom, for they are love too!

The day is almost over and from the bottom of my heart, I hope you got to spend it with someone(s) who get your heart pumping extra fast when they do that thing you like. No, I don’t mean It in a heart-attacky kind of way. I mean it in the take off your clothes it’s time for desert-y kind of way.

Love always wins❤️

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