Editor’s Note

Happy New Year!

The year just opened its second chapter. A second chance at a fresh start. I know people put on themselves so much pressure at the beginning of the year with resolutions that by the time February rolls around we’re already filled with regret of the accomplishments we never achieved. But the opposite could not be more true. I’m a huge believer of second chances and taking small actionable steps in achieving a goal. If you have been ken on my article writing, you’ll realize I don’t really write my plans because I think if you proclaim your moves in public while in their seedling state, chances are they won’t grow to fruition. Maybe it’s just me. Silent faithful moves.

2019 has already thrown me so many curve balls and I’m more motivated than ever because of it. January has been a whole 98 days for me. I’ve had serious character building days within this one month and I’m glad to report, I have survived. I have walked out more twisted and angled than I ever thought possible when entering the new year. I have achieved so much yet gotten to my lowest of lows and hit rock bottom and this person writing this is ready to conquer the world. I am learning that all of life is peaks and valleys. Don’t let the peaks get too high nor the valleys too low.

For my little corner and space on the internet, my time is now! The past has only served to supercharge my drive to improve myself in all aspects of my life. I am excited for the future to be honest. I’m slowly figuring life out, one loss and opportunity at a time. Being a 20 something year old, I’m just wobbling and tinkering with everything and trying not to put too much pressure on myself. It’s time to level up and I’m rising to the challenge, aggressively and unapologetically. I read something recently that resonated deeply with me. “I’ve never read a tombstone written – here lies so and so, she was a really great asset to her company”. Stay woke friends! Don’t put all your energy into building someone else’s dream, take small steps towards your own goals. Life is too short, smile when you still have teeth, and even after!

February being the month of love, expect a lot of love from me. Love, vulnerability and honesty. In February there is everything to hope for and nothing to regret. During this season of love focus on loving more than just those close to you. Thank God for St Valentines because without valentine day February would just be January. Make the most of this month. Throw love and kindness around like confetti. Go to that children’s home, that orphanage, that date with your bestie, tell your crush you like them! Be bold and audacious. Follow your heart, for this one month, love recklessly without regrets or expectations. Life just might surprise you.

“Loving people means caring without an agenda. As soon as we have an agenda, it’s not love anymore” _Bob Goff_

All my Love,
Miss Njeri

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  1. Reading your articles just rejuvenates me and make me feel so positive about life.

    Natalienaisai says:
  2. I love love this article. It’s amazing and really inspirational❤❤. I wish you all the best too in everything that you do. #love and light☄

    Paula says:

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