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2018 has been a blast, full of highs and lows. As we prepare to countdown into the new year, I thought I’d share my achievements and failures of this year. Happy new year in advance, enjoy this read and please subscribe. Thank you ❤️? … Read More >The 4 Hats I Wore This Year | Taking Stock

  1. The Youtuber Hat

I officially joined the ‘Hi guys welcome back to my channel’ bandwagon. It’s been about three months now and I have seven videos out, with the leading one having around 700 views, (this is the link if you would like to check it out) and over a hundred subscribers. These may all sound so minute but each subscriber and view has been a milestone after sweating blood. Haha I exaggerate. But really, it has not been an easy ride, coming up with content, sharing extensively and praying for the best.
Starting my YouTube channel was because I had recently lost my Infinix phone (which I wrote extensively about like in this post) which had so many videos that just got lost like that. It was devastating for me and immediately I got a new phone I decided enough was enough, and my channel was born.

YouTube is not easy or smooth, but I have learnt so many things along the way like self confidence and fearlessness, harnessed new skills like video editing that I get better at by the day. It has been worth it to me, it has taken me out of my comfort zone and really stretched me out and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store. Here’s a LINK to my channel to walk with me on my journey into the new year, please subscribe.

2. Dora the Explorer Hat
In all my young adult life, I have taken every opportunity handed to me to travel and I don’t regret even one adventure. I think for me traveling excites me so much because growing up it was never an option for me. Because I don’t let circumstances determine who I am, I made a vow to myself after high-school that I would take my fate into my own hands and shape my own destiny. Taking control of what I have control over, without holding past grudges and resentment but growing in the direction I want for MYSELF.

I really believe in the law of attraction and the Power of speaking things into existence and manifestation. Always be intentional in what you speak and your actions. The Lord really has been faithful this year, He heard my intentions even when I thought I was joking and had no tangible way to actualize them and I have seen miracles unfold. This year I was able to travel to places I have never been and to some old spots with new adventures. It’s all been local tourism, but then again that’s something I always knew I wanted to do before even thinking of outside tourism. Intentionalism. I think getting to know your country and the different cultures of your people is paramount, and Kenya has some beautiful gems. Praying into existence the Mara in 2019. Watch this space.

Traveling is therapeutic for me. I go through so much sometimes, just the ability to get out of my head for a few days and completely engrose myself in the beauty of other people and the world really gives me so much joy and peace. It gives me hope. Like I said in this post, you don’t have to have all the money in the world to travel, the internet is your friend. Traveling isn’t for everyone but it’s everything for me. Check out my video on my Watamu and zip lining experiences HERE.

3. My Superhero Hat
I am a proud degree holder, five years later and this, I believe, is my superpower. If you have been an avid reader of my posts,(read this to catch up my campus struggles) you can understand the struggle this has been for me. I honestly can’t tell you how I managed to push myself to finish, it’s only God. I thank God. I really truly didn’t think I would feel this proud, I wasn’t even going to go for the ceremony as I wouldn’t have my family there due to unavoidable circumstances. But I was encouraged to go,traveled all the way back to Eldoret, hustled to get a gown for the big day. All I can say is it was probably one of the best decisions I ever made this year.

The feeling wearing that gown gave me is a new level of happiness, accomplishment and contentment that I have never before felt in my life. It was surreal. It was powerful. If I could I would wear the damn thing everywhere I go, because in that gown I am an unstoppable fierce force, a force to reckon with. With my head held high, I forgot my heart was in the deep end for being alone, and I worked the day like I was born for it. Save for a few tears here and there, both happy and sad alike, 20th December 2018 was one for the books and definitely the highlight of my whole year, (read ‘life’ haha). And if I do further my education, which I just might, I want you all to know that it’s the gown. I’m chasing that gown forever. I was born for that gown. I was born for the power. If that’s what power feels like, please sign me up. 2019 I’m coming for everything they said I couldn’t have.

4. The Relationship Hat
I am learning to trust the process in every aspect of life, even where friends and family are concerned. This year has really shown me things. I have encountered friends who were probably my best friends in this post from last year morph into just users for when it suites them. I have gotten my heart broken from men I thought I would introduce to my mom. Haha life is funny. I really treasure friendships so for me those cut deeper. Let’s not even begin with family, what is family? We need a definition we can all agree on. I thank God for my mother, she teaches me grace and patience that is unlike my character. Somehow I am grateful for each one of these experiences for they are the breadcrumbs leading up to who I am now, in this very moment. I am not cutting anyone off, God makes it easy for me in that they cut themselves off. I am blessed dear brethren. I know who’s for me walking into 2019, and I’m good. I’m good in the security of God’s love.

2018 has thrown some curveballs my way and I’ve had some character building days that have completely changed everything. Even as I write this on the last day of the year, there’s changes happening to me, but I’m counting every loss as a blessing. The best views do indeed come after the hardest climb. I’m embracing change because it really is inevitable, and nothing lasts forever. I’m coming into my own and I have only God to thank. Mnishikilie vizuri rafiki. I’m excited for the new YEAR as I’m walking into it without baggage and filled with so much love. I’m traveling light as I already have what I need. I’m coming for you 2019.
From the bottom of my heart, Happy New Year!! May it be jolly.


Miss Njeri ❤️

44 Replies to “The 4 Hats I Wore This Year | Taking Stock”

  1. Woow ,nice piece and encouraging to pursue one’s goal and dreams.

    Edmond says:
  2. Traveling is indeed therapeutic.

    ..And on getting 700 views and people to subscribe to your channel.. that’s not a joke. I know.

    1. It really isn’t. I’m glad to interact with someone who can relate. But the work never stops, we can do this ?

  3. I also started to create videos again about my journey as a PTA student. I have attempted to film in this week but the weather has been crazy. I wish you the best of luck in this journey! Great post girl. You have life goals.

    1. Wow I really understand the struggle. Keep at it, what you can you do. That’s my motto. It’s never in vain if it’s something you love to do. Thank you soo much. All the best to you too

  4. Sometimes I feel like I wear a million hats…I also love traveling and find it very relaxing and a good time to reflect and re-center!

    1. I think lots of hats is fun. I can’t wait for the future ones myself. Traveling really is everything

  5. Sounds like a great year of achievement. Congrats also on graduating

  6. I love this post!!!! Congratulations, first off, on even trying on all 4 hats. Some people don’t even get to that point. Second, congrats, again, for wearing them and rocking them! I pray that 2019 brings you even more success with all your ventures!

    1. Wow Brianna, thank you so much for taking the time. I’ve gotten such a confidence boost just reading your comment I’ve ended up subscribing to your site and I totally love everything you’re about. You’re good energy and I’m here for it! I pray for the best for you too in your endeavors in the new year. Thanks

  7. I love the post! Congratulations, for all the achievements you have had this year and hoping for many more exciting things in 2019.

  8. Sounds like you’ve had a busy and productive year. It’s definitely fun to be able to look back on all the milestones.

    1. It really is. Sometimes you think some things we do don’t matter in the moment, but when you look back they were everything

  9. I wear the Youtube hat too and it’s not as glamorous as one might think. My grandmother used to say, you can never be over dressed or overeducated. Congrats on the degree! That is yours that no one can ever take!

    1. It really is not haha. It’s alot of work. You’re granma and mine sound a lot alike. Thanks so much. I’m really proud of the accomplishment

  10. Traveling is indeed therapeutic.

    ..And on getting 700 views and people to subscribe to your channel.. that’s not a joke. I know.

  11. Great for you! What an interesting year you have had ? I love the Dora the Explorer Hat point, and really feel that is so relatable. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

    Alexandra says:
  12. Congratulations on your degree, it is my one regret that I never experienced university, but I have a son their now. My favourite hat is my explorer one

    1. Thanks Kara, you will live your uni life vicariously through him. But really, I don’t think it’s ever too late to pursue something we want, my granma recently graduated from her masters, I hope this encourages you. We can all do it. Haha it’s my favorite hat too??

  13. Well done on all your hats this year! I believe in making goals so this inspires me to make even more for 2019!

  14. Wow..this is so inspiring! Congratulations in all your achievements from 2018. And I wish a lot more is coming this 2019!

  15. you look really great with that dress! <3

    angela says:
  16. I love your work girl, keep it up. I’m waiting for more blogs ? ?

    Zaweria Gicheru says:
  17. I love your work girl, keep it up. I’m waiting for more blogs:):)

    Zaweria Gicheru says:

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