If you’re a student, which I have been for a majority of my life (lol I exaggerate) you need an occasional escape from the campus life and mentality. It could be with your girls, boys or the obvious romantic partner. Dating is an integral part of growing up, coming into your own, and attempting adulting. You get to explore your likes and preferences and try out new things. If you’re in Eldoret don’t be shy to try the following places out.

DISCLAIMER: You will realize most of these involve some serious eating, I apologize, food is romantic for me and I don’t mean to impose.

  • Hiking in Iten

This is such a cool way to bond with people. Hiking in general is a healthy way to burn calories and stay fit (the only healthy thing on this list lol). My personal experience was priceless, I went with some of my closest friends from campus and we grew in our friendship. Hiking builds support, trust, muscle and strength. We would help each other up and down the hill. It was quite the adventure as the nature trail stopped at some point and we had to find our own way, inevitably getting lost but loving the whole process.

Iten is located in Elgeyo-Marakwet County, an hour’s drive from Eldoret town. You can access Iten via public transportation which you find in Eldoret town which is a hundred Kenya shillings. To hike there, one needs about forty bob entrance fee or to buy a drink at the cashier’s desk. Pretty cheap and convenient. They also have a cute restaurant there with affordable food. The whole budget for the trip would be about five hundred bob, give or take.
If you’re ever in Eldoret and on a tight budget, I would definitely vouch for this.

This for me was a constant solo adventure, because I believe you need to learn to eat alone and take yourself out sometimes. Time spent alone promotes self-love and rediscovery as well as reinvention of self when need be. You are able to gather your thoughts and build your confidence as well. I specify breakfast here because, as a student, I rarely could afford going all out and buying food which could be quite hefty sometimes. I was broke is an understatement haha. The breakfast budget here is very student friendly. I would also go when the Wi-Fi at school was acting up and I had urgent work to do.
Java countrywide is known for its great service, peaceful ambience and quality food. They are quite new in Eldoret and you can find them at Rupa mall ground floor. With a budget of about four hundred shillings, you can get an array of breakfast meals. My usual was the banana bread and tea.

This little ol girl has gone to The Boma, I couldn’t believe it either haha. I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable the food at this hotel was. I thought we’d be coughing up huge bills but we actually ended up spending just as much as you would at a good restaurant. Moral of the story, give people and hotels chances, you never know.

The hotel is beautiful, soo beautiful my God!!!! With the automatic glass doors at the entrance, the mini waterfall/pond inside, the majestic staircase leading up to a cute little bar with beautiful colorful lights and great music. It was breathtaking.

Sometimes as a student, it’s important to get a taste of the good life to remind yourself why you’re in school in the first place. Having lunch on a sunny day beside their cute swimming pool with a pretty girl like myself beside you is literally paradise. Haha. Once the dark sets in, just before you leave after three glasses of some fine red wine, go up to the bar for some more drinknanigans. I am Njeri and I approve this message haha.

  • Chicken at KFC.

I don’t think KFC needs any introduction. For all those fried chicken cravings, they have different choices to suit every budget . Also located at Rupa mall in Eldy. Everyone loves KFC!

  • Indian cuisine at Sunjeel Palace

If I continue writing about food it won’t be healthy haha. But I just had to include this place because they also have some amazing food.

Confession time, the first real date I ever went on was to The Well Irish back in 2014 in their Saito Centre branch in town. If I’m being honest I’ve eaten here more times than I can count in my five years of campus. They have the absolute best food in Eldoret, a 10/10 and it’s going to take a whole lot to change my mind. From their burgers, Pizzas, fries, mashed potatoes, lamb chops, pork chops, fish fingers; oh my goodness just writing this is making me hungry. Someone please take me back to Eldoret for some Well Irish goodness.

For me, The Well Irish has a sentimental place in my heart, I can’t just write it like a place, it’s a person to me. My love. I made so many amazing memories here, made new friends, and lived a life I loved within their walls.

Don’t get me started on their ambience, cool relaxing music, conducive for great conversations and their top-notch excellent service. I love their new branch in Rupa mall as it is bigger and definitely more intimate. We had my friend’s birthday dinner there earlier this year, and a million other times we made up excuses just to go eat amazing food. This has been money worth spending and I don’t regret one cent. Did I mention they make some neat cocktails? Please well Irish come to Nairobi and show them how it’s done.

Zaika , located in Rupa mall, has some of the best deals on cocktails with their happy hour being buy 2 get one free.

The cocktails range from six hundred shillings onwards. They make really amazing cocktails. The ambience at Zaika is honestly 5-star, it’ll have you feeling quite boujie. They also have amazing food at convenient prices, their Indian curries and naan’s are some of my favorite dishes. It’s a great place for all sorts of intimate meals and events. Their DJ also knows his stuff and will keep you on your feet when the dance floor opens.

I have been here once for my friend’s birthday dinner.

It is a beautiful place definitely, but what left a lasting impression for me was their pizza. They have some amazing pizza. I also understand they have a day where they have a deal for buy 2 get 1 free, you better get on that. I didn’t get the full experience of the place which I would love to go back for. It’s a chill place to hangout. I was there on a day they had a live band on stage and it was really beautiful. I’m all for and about live bands.

For a camping experience, look no further. The beauty of this place is that you can always change your mind when there and book a room. The views are spectacular, not to mention the bar accessed through a tunnel and the pool which are quite picturesque. They have a cute lounge area with a fireplace.

Camping is about seven hundred shillings plus five hundred shillings for hiring a tent. You can carry your own food to cook yourselves as well as sleeping bags. You can also engage in bird watching while there.

I mean, if you’re in Eldoret and you haven’t gone swimming, what are you waiting for. Swimming was among the first adventures I went to when I joined campus.

Throughout the years I’ve been almost everywhere from Poa Place and Ndupawa to Sirikwa Hotel and I have to say it’s a worthwhile experience. The charges are affordable but vary with the different places but with about a thousand shillings you can swim and have a decent meal. However, if you’re not into large crowds stay away on the weekends, haha.

  • Clubbing at Timba

Yes I know, not your typical date idea. But one man’s food is another man’s poison haha. Eldoret has some amazing clubs like Signature and Timba. For a fun night out in the town, these two bad boys are guaranteed to give you entertainment, great food and music. Signature has some sick Karaoke nights.

When Victoria Kimani came to Eldoret on her Safari tour, she performed at club Timba and that was one of the most memorable nights of my life. Truly spectacular. A little gossip, my friends and I got up on stage with her and danced and hugged her. Totally fan-girling right now. As Barney Stinson clearly put it, “It was, wait for it,… Legendary!!!!!

  • Site seeing at the waterfalls in Moi university

Popularly known as ‘falls’, this is every freshman’s hangout. Falls never grows old, whether in your fist year or last year. It’s better because you don’t have to pay anything, just walk (read hike) there. It’s a beautiful scenery in the heart of Kesses where you can go with your friends and special someone. It’s especially breathtaking when its peak season with a lot of water gushing and ripping through the rocks and flowing.

  • Boat riding at the Dam in Kesses

This is also a great affordable idea for students and it is especially convenient for those in Moi University.

This paired with a 5km bike ride to and from the dam constitutes a great day out with friends. Bikes are hired at 50/100 shillings per hour and a boat ride is approximately 50 shillings per person.

  • Roadtrips

Eldoret is so conveniently positioned in that you have an opportunity to travel and explore different parts of the country with your friends. With Kisumu, Kericho and Nakuru close by, it would be a shame for you to say you haven’t been to a chunk of the different places this country has to offer. Live a little, traveling is life. You can’t live your whole life in one place and call it living. Traveling offers you insights into the world and changes your perception on a lot of things. You get to learn different people’s ways of life and it makes you appreciate different cultures.
To travel you don’t need to have all the money in the world or board a plane or go to another country, you have everything you need in this beautiful Kenya; to visit and explore. Saving up is integral in ensuring you have a good experience.

I leave Eldoret having made some of the most amazing memories. And even after school, I consider Eldoret home and I am definitely going back. You can never be bored with the right crowd.

Ps. always take pictures, watajuaje ulikuwa lol


  1. mmmmmmh, mama dont you turn on the nostalgia! it has been two months but i miss eldy vibaya sana. i have been to all those places and boy was it fun. however i do not take photos and now i envy all your photos. my favourite places in no order have been the irish well, zaika lounge which funnily we went to ask for a job before their launch, we were only qualified for dishwashing, hahhahaha!!! then turned up later all lit. Timba hold nice memories for me surely . swimmimg at sirikwa nice dinners at boma et al. some places i had a chance to visit though may be out of the way for those at main campus but easily reachable for those at KPA are Legacy Motel and Lounge at maili nne(huko ni ushago but when you get there the ambience will drive you nuts) its very chic the decor is earthy and simple. also a place called ‘KWA MASWAI’ which overlooks the dam at BAHARINI along eldy kitale road, very simple but good for drinks and a warm cordial night esp with a lover. i love eldoret, i really do. it became a home even when i thought it is the end of the world i find my heart still drawn to the place.

    tinah says:
    1. Babe I totally forgot that one, I love kwa maswai!! Ahh the ambience!! The dam! Simply breathtaking. I totally relate with you when you say it became home when you thought it was the end of the world! It’s like a little paradise, with hidden gems all over!! Haha ATI dishwashers!! Surely!! Haha that’s made my day completely! I miss eldy too, it’s like I can’t quite settle into this new life after school. Nostalgia is realll. We are together ?

  2. This should be a guide to all freshmen and those cocooned but have a shred of adventure within them. The Well Irish!! Where I had my first proper date with my very own Goddess on our sophomore year.

    Zoe says:
    1. I totally agree. They should know there’s more to life than the confines of the university. Adventure is everything. Haha im sure she remembers ?

  3. Wooi, for a moment I thought I didn’t miss Eldoret but I now wish I could go back and visit all the places I never got to visit.

    Maryanne says:
    1. I know right!!!! I also feel like there’s plenty more I didn’t get to experience, but I believe we’ll go back.

  4. I feel like going to Eldy rynaaaawwww….nice nice places..and not just for students.
    Thanks for sharing boo,who would’ve known! ❤

    Calsine says:
    1. You should definitely get some time and travel there. It has some hidden gems that are worth the time and money. Thanks for reading, really appreciate it love❤️

  5. babe. we need to do some of this things with you. pick your favs and let’s plan

    RoyMoses says:
  6. Ah yes. The well is always a vibe. You go girl. ?

    Tess says:

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