Caged little birdy, Roar! 

It got to your  head a little bit. That a guy like him would ever in a million years go for a girl like you was unfathomable! I mean,  he’s the kind of person you were taught to steer clear from.  The kind that go around breaking and collecting hearts as trophies for their trophy case.

It was exhilarating getting his attention, you finally had bragging rights.  It’s funny how quickly you forgot that you are the diamond , how lucky he was to even breathe your air.  How before him you walked with your  head held high swinging your glorious hips from left to right, not because of pride but because you needed no ones validation. You were complete in yourself. Then here comes prince charming and all of a sudden you crumble like an apple pie piece of cake.

Oh he doesn’t like how much make up you put on so you go the natural route.  All of a sudden the glorious skin you walk around in is too fat, too heavy, stretched and disgusting to look at.  The skin he so worshipped that first day you let him touch you and your lady parts in the light of day is only fuckable with the lights off now.  The glow in your eyes is too bright for his ego.  The length of your skirt suddenly too short, no one wants to see the cellulite underneath. Cover that up real quick Missy.

You don’t really know what happened, or when it happened to be honest. The transition from love to utter disgust.  The transition from you’re more than enough for him to he’s too good for you.  You didn’t see it.  It must have happened really quickly.  You didn’t realize it when the I love you’s started to sound more like goodbyes  because you were caught up in blaming yourself for not being perfect for him.  It was definitely your fault.  You weren’t beautiful anymore.

You became someone’s emotional punching bag because God forbid someone so perfect lay his perfectly curved hands on you. And yet,  here you lie,  a quarter a century later,  with a black eye in the hospital bed. Sipping on juices because that’s all your stomach can stomach anymore really .  At least for now,  right?   Because he didn’t mean to lift his hand on you that first time when  you broke a glass,  or the second time,  not even the 100th time. You had lost count, just as he had lost reasons to do it. The baggy, his new hobby.

With his hand entwined in yours and his fist firmly squashed between your heart and where your breath lies.  Where did your voice go?  He promised not to do it again and you somehow lost yourself in between L and V where U should have been.  Where did you go?  Who are you?  The strength to leave left with your golden skin,  where cuts and bruises are the only reminder of a once upon a glowing smooth time. History. The history of a strong woman who held her head high as she graced the world with her very presence.  The history of a woman with an outstanding mind and a laugh so powerful it would have caught you right in your tracks.  She lit up the room with her soul that shone from three planets away.  A brave beautiful woman who cupped her own breasts because no bra or hands were strong enough to hold them for her.  A history.

Brave woman, roar.  Lift your chin up one more time and roar. It could start out as a silent whisper to the God you believe in, a silent prayer.  Ride on the stretch marks on your thighs and breasts and ass like a tiger on its strippey skin. Your stomach is holy,  it is the very life force of this planet,  glorify in its bounce and size.  You are beautiful and you are worthy.  Escape the cage,  stretch out  your wings,  fly.  Fly Roar!

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      1. The plight of the abused baby. I volunteered (at an ambulance service) a lot in my younger years and I can tell you we carted almost as many abused males as females to the hospital.

  1. Absolutely loved it!Great piece, “The transition from you’re more than enough for him to he’s too good for you. You didn’t see it.”The weight in this.It speaks to so many who may not even recognise the abuse and find it difficult to leave.Fly Roar!

    1. They say love is blind? I don’t know if this is the part we turn a blind eye to. I’m just hoping it opens someone’s eyes out there. It’s never too late to fly

  2. Not only to ladies but also men who get black eyed by their women can relate. 🙂 Well done! This is really Enlightening. “Caged little Puppy Roar!” Chama cha wanaume

    1. This brings a refreshing twist to the narrative. I totally agree, we know of cases. I haven’t forgotten the wanaume, it’s in the works for a future post worry not

  3. Nice piece! Most ladies who go through this don’t know how to escape from the cave while others tend to stick around with him hoping he ill change… Nice piece

    Shazz says:
    1. Thank you Shazz. We should always learn how to walk away after the first strike, it says everything about the man. When they show you who they are, believe them the first time. Better safe than sorry

  4. This is totally an amazing piece. ?…. Best quote:lost yourself in between L and V where U should have been… ?. Keep it up darling.

  5. Ride on the stretch marks on your thighs and breasts and ass like a tiger on its slippey skin???? yaaaaaassss gaaaadd amazing piece as always. I love your blog

    1. Thank you sooo soo much for the feedback. I’m very glad you like it. Authenticity has always been my goal. I love yours too darling ????

  6. Very creative and deep, I could almost picture myself in the shoes of the author.

    Jay jay says:
  7. Nice piece. ?
    Many could relate. Feliz

    Ian derrick says:
  8. I looooved.a good dose of reality. Ppl go through this without even realizing that they little birdy and Roooar!!!

    Carolyn gacheru says:
  9. This is really great came at a time when i needed something like this… Really Inspiring am touched.

    kirsty says:
  10. This article should strike a nerve.
    Our sisters need to remember what daddy always said, “No one’s ever going to be good enough for my little girl”. And that mommy made it a reminder, “God formed you in my womb. You are utter perfection. Let nobody tell you different.”
    This piece, remarkable.

    1. I know. If I was a mother I would say, if It took 9 months to form you, let no man break you in 2 seconds. You’re gold baby, solid gold. Thanks so much for the support

  11. This article’ll strike a nerve for sure. Our sisters need to be reminded. Remarkable stuff, girl.

    1. We absolutely are. Do share it with everyone, this should reach everyone. Everyone needs a voice when theirs is stifled. I can only hope I can, in writing, empower many.

  12. Lovely piece.
    This reminds me of a quote I once read.
    “Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.”

    Elizabeth M. says:
  13. The article is beautiful and absolutely profound with such a strong and captivating message to the ladies.

    Natalie says:
  14. Babe…this is just it…beautiful and inspiring love

    Sheila says:
  15. Nice read! You’ve put in words what happens I think to every girl, it’s all lovely and warm at first then…

    Brenda says:
  16. Very well brought out!, i enjoyed reading this.Waiting to see more of your writing ma! ❤

    Vanessa Njeri says:
  17. Beautiful piece. Roar girl and keep them coming

    Jeff Masta says:
  18. A heartbreaking piece for sure, but also a poignant reminder of the evil in our midst. A call to arms as it were to address the elephant in the room.

    In Other News, you are way too young to know oh so much!

    1. If I’m being honest, I tend to lean into the dark side a little bit more. I feel like there’s so much room for improvement in the very structure of society, to say the least. Matters concerning the female experience, those strike a chord for sure, for me at least. I just hope I can do them justice , maybe help someone in the process.

      Haha. What’s age got to do with it? 5 year old’s become 30 year olds and we can’t afford to walk through life with a veil on our eyes in the name of ignorance.

  19. Awesome piece,deep message with great word play
    Keep it up

    Owiti Bassman says:
  20. Oh, how I hope everyone out there knew that they are more than enough for someone somewhere.? Life is too short to take crap from anyone, ati all in the name of love.

    Ruguru says:
  21. Oh, how I hope everyone out there knew that they are more than enough for someone somewhere.? Life is too short to take crap from anyone, ati all in the name of love.

    Ruguru says:
  22. Lovely piece. Noone should ever take crap in the name of love. Someone somewhere would kill to have you.

    Ruguru says:
  23. This is a really interesting piece. Good one

    Tarayia says:

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